Always A Crafter!!! 


I get asked quite often if I was always an artistic and creative person as my cakes give the impression of someone who is.  But as a child I didn't really think I was either of those two things.  It's only recently, when I look back and think about my childhood that I realise I actually was quite the creative person.  Even as a child I got bored easily and never liked to sit still.  I had to make things out of whatever I had available.  Growing up in a little hill station in India with not many toys I got immense pleasure from making little dresses for my dolls out of scraps of fabric I gathered at the tailors shop.  I used to make flip flops out of cardboard and curtain chains from broken glass bangles.  I also got my father to hoist me up onto the roof so I could spend the day sweeping dry leaves out of the gutters.  I had a lot of freedom growing up and as a young girl found myself wandering off with a machete chopping bamboo so I could make a gate or fence for our garden.  Yes, sometime I would accidentally whack my finger nail with a hammer but I was allowed to make things, try things out and I believe that has really carried through with me, even as an adult.

I came across some pictures of when we did up our first home.  I love upcycling old furniture and giving them a new lease of life.  I sewed the curtains, painted a dark dresser in a Provence blue and of course had all my gorgeous plates on display.  In our kitchen I chose beautiful hand painted tiles from Fired Earth as they really reminded me of warm sunny climes from back home.  I have a certain appreciation for things that are hand made with love and care and are not mass produced.  They reflect the artists creativity and I love every little imperfection that shows through.


When I came across the cake world I found a new way to let my creative juices flow.  I think Wedding Cakes really should reflect a couples interests and it's great when I am given a brief and allowed to have my own spin on the design.  I love making really detailed designs which look like pieces of art that are totally unique.  A lot of my cakes travel to gorgeous venues in the Lake District and in the Morecambe Bay area.  Earlier this month I partook in the Lake District Wedding Show and my stand really attracted a lot of interest.  The organisers 'Little White Books' commented that if they had run a competition for the best looking stand, mine would have won.  I like to make things visually interesting and appealing by playing with colour, textures, different heights and shapes as they all help create a real feast for the eyes.

I've got a few interesting things coming up over the next couple of months so I'll update you as I go.  Until next time...